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GPS Databases and Visualization Tools

We specialize in hosting GPS-based database information, which can provide enhanced fleet management. Our GPS-based databases carry additional parameters associated with the GPS data points. For instance, if your mobile fleet includes engine monitoring hardware, the engine parameters can be transmitted with the GPS co-ordinates. This allows a wealth of data-mining information about the fleet, such as: individual or aggregate engine performance, contents of the fleet or individual units, environmental parameters (ie. outside temperatures versus tank temperatures), chain of custody information, eSeal and lock tamper information, etc. We can also provide "GeoFencing" capabilities with the REAL-TIME alerts that can be set on specific database fields (or combinations of fields).

GLOBAL DATABASES: UNIVERSAL CO-ORDINATES are required and important aspects of any global system. Co-ordinates could represent ANY place on Earth, so the co-ordinates must be unambiguous, and universal. Only multi-precision signed values can be used for GPS co-ordinates. This is the format that Google has chosen due to the mathematical properties of manipulating GPS co-ordinates. Math is much easier on multi-precision signed values for calculating exact locations, distances, and other calculations.

GLOBAL DATABASES: TIME is also an important parameter in global databases. Time co-ordinates (like Latitde, Longitude, and Altitude) must be precise and unambiguous. All time values must include the timezone, and the time offset from UTC (Universal Time). Computer clocks can vary from one machine to another, but certain time sources are more universally widespread. For instance, the time reported by most GPS units is synchronized to a world-wide standard, and that's the standard that should be to ensure consistent time. Accuracy and digits of precision are important things to manage when dealing with any time-based data.

DATA INPUT MECHANISMS include direct GPS strings from field-installed devices (Garmin, Trimble, Qualcom, and many others). These devices are capable of delivering many more pieces of information in addition to the GPS co-ordinates. For instance, most modern truck cabs can have their engine monitoring systems tied into these GPS tranmitter units. Additional equipment on your fleet could also be included in the information packet: temperature of the container contents, eSeal lock integrity, etc. Essentially, an entire set of parameters can be monitored and transmitted back to the database, allowing you to use search and data-mining tools to measure the efficiency of your fleet. Additionally, this data can be monitored in REAL TIME, allowing you to take immediate action if any of the paramters crossed any kind of preset threshold. Any value that can be expressed as a value can be used as an immediate alert: temperatures, speeds, oil pressure, GeoFencing (ie. territorial boundaries), etc.

DATA SEARCH MECHANISMS include searching by dates, times, FleetID, UnitID, DriverID, alerting parameters, standard parameters, threshold parameters, temperatures, or any values that can be expressed quantitatively. Custom searches are also available.

DATA OUTPUT MECHANISMS (or "visualizations") include reports, charts, graphs, maps, and 3D representations. Ouput formats include PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, JPG, PNG, GIF, AVI/WMV/MOV (future). These visualizations can be applied to entire datasets, or selected subsets as determined by your search routines.

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