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DEXWARE is a complete online database hosting site with all of the tools
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GPS Database Demonstrations

DEMO #1: Google KML file to Google Map
GPS data is generated by an app called "GPS Essentials" on an Android phone. The app records the location of the phone directly from the built-in GPS. The data files were uploaded to the DEXWARE servers, and are presented here. These files were also tested in Google Earth, and they work flawlessly.

DEMO #2: Garmin NMEA file to Google Tracks
These files came from a Garmin-196 Aviation unit connected to a PC (serial port, HyperTerm).

DEMO #3: MySQL database (custom) to Google Map .
[You will need a password to access this site.] This site manages a number of GPS-tracked devices, shows how "tamper alerting" works, provides geo-fencing alerts, shows tracks times, and other parameters being sent directly from the moving GPS tracker.

DEMO #4: GPS => Email => MySQL => Google Map .
GPS and other data comes from a small, portable, rugged unit which sends Emails to a receiving database. The web page gets all current data directly from the database. These are two separate and distinct functions operating in parallel. The program that receives the Email also checks for emergency alerts (eg ."tamper", "low battery") and acts on them immediately.

DATA OUTPUT MECHANISMS (or "visualizations") include reports, charts, graphs, maps, and 3D representations. Ouput formats include PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV, JPG, PNG, GIF, AVI/WMV/MOV (future). These visualizations can be applied to entire datasets, or selected subsets as determined by your search routines.

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